Friday, August 3, 2012

"OH, HI, O!"

One thing about the eastern part of the United States= there are millions of trees EVERYWHERE.
Which also means lots of fun metro parks to enjoy.
I've taken many trips to the woods with my walking group of gals at 7:00a.m. as well as with Wyatt and his friends to go exploring and play in the water.
This time, it was Daddy's turn to come join in the fun.

Wyatt got so excited every time he discovered the trail markers. He especially liked the squirrels. The arrows on the sticks made a great teaching moment for me to teach which way arrows point etc.

 I'm so glad I got this face on camera.
Wyatt has so many faces and many of them go "uncaptured" by the camera. 
I finally got this one!
It's as if he's saying, "I just did something and I think it was pretty cool."

The company gets together every Wednesday to "bond" with each other in some way.  The company's favorite activity is going to the park up the road and playing beach volleyball . . . well, they TRY to at least. Haha! It's actually quite funny to watch them. You can see Eth's mad jumping skills here haha- Carl totally blocked him one handed. This was a funny moment caught on camera.
As usual, it kills me to have to watch Wyatt and not play.
Thankfully, Ethan will take turns with me so I can play a game.
 Injury caused by a company Basketball game :(
 Ethan & I got placed on the same basketball team for the company tournament and we were actually really excited about it. We definitely held our own and it was a our date activity for about two weeks. We were having fun, burning calories and using our bodies, when Eth's foot twisted and something popped. No bueno.
It got so bad that he had to take day off of work so it could heal, somewhat.
Love this tan line... and his cute wittle bum, bum.

 I'm not quite sure when Wyatt started jumping into the water this way, but I'm sure he'll learn why it's called the, "Nutcracker" someday.
I love my happy boy.

This cracked me up. He was so exhausted he fell asleep like that on the chair.
How uncomfortable!
Spend a day at the local mall that is HUGE compared to Idaho's malls hee, hee. Wyatt loved the train ride and the pet store.
 What do you do with Costco's apple container?
You use it as a buffet tray :)
Ever since I bought my first package of apples in this container, it caused my mind to think, "What can I do with this container?"
I've used it for playing games with Wyatt;
for categorizing things we find outside like grass, leaves, tiny rocks, BIG rocks, sticks etc.
There's so many things you can do with it!
 One my favorite moments- every time Wyatt goes to say a prayer- so sweet.
 A delicious and nutritious lunch before work.

When it rains here, it rains HARD. Our apartment  is to the left of that bush.
How on earth are we supposed to get to our apartment without getting soaked?
Well, we walk along the wood and then practice our long jump skills across the river.
Wyatt loves to play in the rain like this though.
This is not normal, but Wyatt wakes up before Ethan and I every morning. Most the time he'll just wake up and start playing with toys and he won't even say a word to us. We usually wake up to noises in the front room and we know he's awake.
One morning, I turned the corner and this is what I found. Bwaaa hahha!
I love my sweet boy.
 One day I had a thought, "When I was younger, I used to like to EXPLORE and find stuff. I bet Wyatt and his friends would like to do something like that."
So my wheels started turning & I thought of a way for them to have fun but LEARN and DISCOVER things at the same time. I spent about an hour making the map, the clues, the balloon swords, and setting it up. Actually, probably more than that but it was totally worth it. These kids ate. it. up.

 This was my favorite picture. These four boys running to the next clue. They are actually in exact order from oldest to youngest too. (Wyatt's the follower haha)
 Wyatt talked about this map for WEEKS afterwards. He kept begging me to go on another hunt.
Lincoln Harrison found the treasure and wouldn't put it down ;)
 Just havin' fun in the summertime. This is a common occurrence for us outside.
I remembered going here as a kid and I loved it. I really wish Ethan could join us for more of these fun activities that we do, but I'm so glad he's got a job and that he's working hard.
 We came here for a birthday party for Breeze Marie, Wyatt's next door neighbor GIRLfriend :)  We have become really good friends with this couple, Jessica & Jon Ghrist, and we love their kids, Breeze & Koston. I do something with these guys nearly every other day; we have a lot of fun.
 I neglected to put up some Father's Day pictures, so here are a few.

 I secretly love it when Wyatt comes in to our room early in the morning and wakes Daddy up. He's always got some question on his mind or some book/toy to show Daddy. You can tell Eth is fresh out of sleep here HA!
 It was one of those days when the kid in me said, "GO!"
I put my suit top on and joined Wyatt for some puddle jumping in the rain.
Nothing else mattered to me while I was playing in the rain... all my attention was focused on this little guy and his his huge grin and silly laugh. He loved it and so did I.
Although I would never live here in Ohio if I could help it, we give it 2 thumbs up for the kind of adventures we've had while we've lived here.

Life is how you make it.
You gotta take the situation you're placed in and make the best of it.


JeNnA said...

I LOVE this post!!!! You rock ash... you are the best mom!! what an adventure you are having!!!

Maddie Stevens said...

oh my land.
1. I miss you guys like crazy.
2. wyatt is just like you- random and hilarious.
3. I died at that picture of the balloon thing on his head hahahahahaha

Jaxon said...

Nice post sis. Miss u guys

A.S.K. said...

This looks like so much fun, Ashley!

Jessica said...

Love it! He is getting so big and handsome. (Wyatt, I mean...) I am glad you are having such fun. When and where are you going next?

Jessica said...
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Jesika Harmon said...

Ok you're the cutest. Why didn't I ever think of using the apple container from Costco for something useful?! And I love the tan-line bums too...SO CUTE! Wish we could play with you my cuz! You are such a great mommy!

Liz Jensen said...

You are the cutest and funnest mom Ash! Lucky Wyatt!