Thursday, July 19, 2012

4th of July in OHIO

Hip, Hip, Hooray for July 4th!
Instead of the usual hometown parade of nice cars and prom queens, or the firework show in Idaho Falls, or the visiting with family members around a BBQ, we had to be creative and make it festive. We missed our family and close friends for this wonderful celebration of our country, but we enjoyed our day with the company of our VIVINT friends. The company was kind enough to get all of us tickets to the INDIANS BASEBALL GAME!
At the game we enjoyed ALL YOU CAN EAT concessions- Wyatt & Ethan definitely took advantage of this opportunity. Wyatt loves his pizza :) Unfortunately, I was waiting to get my ice cream until later, when all of a sudden, I heard a cannon and the game was over! I was so worried about entertaining Wyatt and talking with people that I didn't realize it was over. I was disappointed in myself that I did not spoil myself with delicious ice cream of my choice. Oh well. The game was still fun.
First time watching a major league baseball game together. We enjoyed it. (Next in line, an NBA basketball love... our anniversary is coming up. Hint, hint)
Naturally, we took turns walking around with Wyatt and getting him treats since he didn't really understand what the little ants were doing on the field. It seems that at most sporting events, when there are parents & small children involved, the wife willingly offers to watch the younger ones so the husband can watch the game or teach his sons how to play etc. Unfortunately for Ethan, I was just as desirous to watch the game as he was so we had to thumb war over who would take Wyatt for a while. I love our relationship haha!
I couldn't stop staring at this picture later that night. He looks so grown up in this picture. Bitter/sweet
CHEESE! Me and my little buddy.

I thought this was a neat sight.
Ethan enjoys being spoiled and enjoys his food. He was loving this opportunity.
I don't know what motivates Ethan to do such things, but he turned to one of the workers and asked, "Is there any way I could go down there are just step on the field? I'm from Wyoming and I'm just a country boy who doesn't get out much. Would they let me?"  The lady chuckled and said, "Ya, sure! If you want to spend the night behind bars."
All of us laughed hard but Ethan wasn't satisfied. He walked down to the field and talked to the police officers. When they saw him walking so close to the field, the police officers looked like they were ready to tackle if Eth would have walked on the field. Sure enough, minutes later, Ethan's down there talking with 3 police offers and I see him laughing and the officers shook his hand. He demanded that I at least get a picture of him down by the field. Oh, silly Effie.
2 comments about this picture:
 A) You know me and how much I love black people :) I strategically sat down right in between them but they thought I was a crazy woman. I was whipping out motivational tattoos for Wyatt, glow sticks, stickers, coloring books, and even a balloon kit to make hats and animals for the kids hahaha! They were all staring at me and I have no clue what they were thinking. But hey, what can they expect from someone who is used to friendly Idaho people? AND, I'm from out of town, AND I don't really care what other people think of me, AND I even made the little black kid in the wife beater happy cuz I gave him a glow stick and made him a balloon hat. (The parents eased up after they realized I was just a nice person--a weird person for those parts.)
B) Look at Cleveland behind us. Isn't it purty?
To all those who were home celebrating in their own way, know that the Felix family LOVES YOU. I'm always grateful for this time of year because it helps me remember the freedom I have to choose and to worship the God I love. Thanks to God and the inspired fathers of this country, I am able to live in a nation that is free. America truly is, ONE NATION, UNDER GOD.


Jill said...

Wonderful memories!

The French Way said...

Well look at you guys being so adventurous! What a fun fourth and looks like you made some great memories!

Ron Anderson said...

I love you ASh.